Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Formal Corner : @Lexington Ave. Store

 At Lexington Ave. store, we have wide selection of Ties, Bow Ties, Chiefs, and Braces as well as Cummerbund for formal occasion.

Cummerbund Set

Velvet Series

For inquiries, please contact us:

Store at Lexington avenue
1034 1/2 Lexington Avenue
(Bet 73rd & 74th street)
TEL: (212) 439-8585


  1. Seigo, has a very large, nice selection of quality ties, which is why I decided to shop there, last minute and see if I would find a perfect match for my suit, and my wife's dress for an occasion this past weekend. However, to my disbelief, after going home and realizing that the tie did not match as I thought it would, I was surprised to get a response from the store Manager, indicating that a refund was not going to be considered, because of "store policy". I find it very hard to believe that an establishment of such high end merchandise and years in business, would not consider refunding money to their customers. Furthermore, considering the high prices on their merchandise, one would think that, it shouldn't' be a problem or rather part of their policy to "not return their customers money". Its not like they are struggling for cash, considering the price tags there; or are they?
    Either way, I would be wary of this place, as you only find out about the return policy if you check your receipt, because the sales person, will not notify you in advance. Nor was it listed anywhere in their cashier area.
    Truly shocking and definitely, not a place I would spend another dime in.

  2. Seigo stores offer exchange or non-expiring store credit in case customers are not happy with their purchase. In accordance to New York State law, this policy is clearly posted within each of our stores. Additionally, we have taken the extra step to plainly delineate our policy on each and every sales receipt.

    We trust that everyone understands that whether to offer a refund or return policy or not have one at all is determined by each company. This policy has been in effect since the inception of our first store. With that said, we are resolutely and tirelessly committed to our customers satisfaction. In that spirit, we ask this individual to call our customer service representative, Chika at 212-987-0191, to discuss this matter further.

    Best Regards,

    Seigo Katsuragawa