About Us

Our Hand Made Ties and Bowties

     Each of SEIGO's original ties and bowties is designed and colored for the best-dressed men all over the world. These ties are made of the finest 100% pure silk. They are preciously hand sewn by skilled workers for the maximum resistance and best draping. In short, they are THE BEST-MADE TIES from Japan. 

     Our fabrics are woven in small mills in Kyoto with our specific instructions, and our printed fabrics are hand-blocked silk-screen printed in To-ka Machi in Niigata. Both cities have been historically known as the major manufacturers of Kimono, Japanese traditional wardrobe.
In general, woven patterns give a little more formal, dressier look; thus they are better fitted for dressy suits. 

     Some of our designs are limited editions: only eight of the same ties exist in the world. Each one comes with a serial number in the back to ensure its authenticity. *serial numbers go for ties only.

     All of our bowties are "bias-cut" to give just enough stretch to the fabric. The flexibility makes it easier for you to tie, and it offers you the most comfort around your neck. Our bowties are designed to fit up to 19" neck size. We can also tailor the tie down for your specific needs. 
     It is our goal to provide the most pleasant experience with our ties and bowties to each and every customer of our stores. 

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