How to Care

For Long-Lasting Wear

     Before you put on our ties and bowties, there are a few things we would like you to know:

- Our 100% pure silk woven ties and bowties are very delicate. Unlike most of the silk ties made in Italy, our made-in-Japan ties are not coated with acrylic. In order to keep the genuine shine of the pure silk, our ties and bowties must be worn with care. 
- Because of the delicate structure of woven patterns, extra care may be required for long-lasting wear. We recommend using hand cream before you tie or untie your knot to reduce the chance of pull. 
Also gentlemen's  beard can rub against the delicate silk and fray the top edges while wearing our bowties. To avoid more pulls, please carefully trim the frayed areas with a pair of scissors. Or bring them to us and we will trim it for you.

- If you are concerned about fraying the tie, please try our printed silk ties and bowties. They are much more durable compared to our woven ties.