Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our ties 1


How do you know our collections?
We would like to introduce them one by one....
Our items are all made in Japan.
Ties, Bowties and pocket square are 100% silk.
(We have some wool, linen and collton of PS too)

Woven Tie
    These ties are basic design of ours like solid, simple stripe and dots.

 Limited edition

   These are our limited edition's collection. We made them only 8 pieces.

 So, we put the number on label like this.
Some customers who often visit SEIGO love and collect them.

Bow tie / Baby bow tie

We have tons of bowtie collections.
Some designs are same as ties.
We have some pre-made bowties.

Also, we begin to make baby bowtie too.


Custom made ties

This is a special tie that is made of all same fabric.

to be continue.....

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